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Imagine being part of a community filled with women & nonbinary entrepreneurs that prioritizes creating real connections, nurturing work/life balance & expanding access to monetary and educational resources…

At The Sphere, this is a reality.

Welcome to The Sphere Community

The Sphere is dedicated to building an inclusive community that uplifts and inspires women and nonbinary entrepreneurs. By eliminating barriers to starting and continuing to run businesses and making it easier for The Sphere entrepreneurs to access existing resources, we intend to bolster economic development and promote a more equitable business environment in Northampton.

The Sphere was launched as an initiative of the Downtown Northampton Association and is supported by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative.

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introducing...The Sphere's Trail Map!

The Sphere Trail Map of Northampton
The Sphere Trail Map of Florence

Campaign Update: We’d like to present to you… The Sphere’s Trail Map!

We unveiled our Trail Map at Spill The Tea Sis Apothecary during our Navigating Wellness Salon on 10/18!
What began as a vision is now a reality made possible by The Strong Entrepreneurs Ecosystems grant awarded to The Sphere by The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. Learn more about our grant here.
The Trail Map is a visual guide that currently identifies 54 women and nonbinary-owned businesses in the greater Northampton area. At The Sphere, we’re dedicated to connecting and uplifting driven women and nonbinary entrepreneurs, helping them unleash their potential and make a positive impact on our community and the local economy.
This Trail Map is a crucial part of our strategic plan to connect and support motivated professionals through The Sphere Network. It’s a quick and easy way to find those connections, whether they’re brick-and-mortar or cloud-based businesses. 
Information for this map was gathered during the #GetOnTheMap campaign, a study conducted in collaboration with The Sphere Northampton and Arts Equity Group earlier this year. This study provided insight into our community, helping us create relevant programming and content. 
We look forward to the exciting possibilities ahead!
Learn more about the Trail Map.

Did you miss the first round?

Didn’t get on the Map yet? Enter your info now on our website in order to be included in our next round of recognized businesses! It’s fast, easy, and free to be added.

Keep an eye out for updates as we transition from data to impact. Together, we forge a future of empowered entrepreneurship and economic ecosystem success.

A single event took my business to the next level practically overnight.
Carefree Cakery

Words that resonate with us...


You can feel the contagious energy and excitement in a room when The Sphere Entrepreneurs gather together.


Meaningful connections give purpose to the work we do. In The Sphere community, we value having real conversations and making authentic connections.


A significant barrier reported by women in Northampton is work life balance. Putting wellbeing first is fundamental to reach greatest potential.

two women at sphere event

Upcoming Events

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Past Salons & Events

The Sphere’s quarterly events are called ‘Salons’. The Sphere chose this term to use as a nod to the word’s historical origins. Salons hosted by The Sphere blend tradition with a contemporary flair.

Salons served as a safe and inclusive space during the “Age of Conversation” to allow diverse voices to come together to exchange ideas and celebrate creativity. Many ambitious women attended salons to pursue a form of higher education, receive and give insight, read their own works, and hear the works and perspectives of other intellectuals.

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