Focus on Strengths. Manage Your Weaknesses.

Written by Colleen DelVecchio, Maxady

At this time of year you may have started a list of what you want to improve on. This often leaves you fixated on your weaknesses, inadvertently overshadowing their strengths. It’s time to shift the focus. Instead of constantly battling against what you might see as your weaknesses, this year concentrate on your strengths and simply manage your weaknesses.

Before you decide to manage that weakness, decide if it really is a weakness. Gallup defines a weakness as “something that gets in the way of your success.” So if it is not getting in the way of your success (or someone else’s success) – it’s NOT a weakness. You can ignore it. We are all not at everything. So feel free to just add this to the list of things that you don’t do.

One of my recent coaching clients came to me worried that their biggest weakness was being an introvert. They hated going to big networking events and wanted help becoming an extrovert. So I asked them “is being an introvert actually getting in the way of your success?” They paused, and realized that it wasn’t. It was a simple question that gave them permission to be themselves and feel successful in their own way!

Focusing on weaknesses feels like swimming upstream against a relentless current. It becomes an uphill battle, demanding considerable energy and effort while yielding limited progress. When you turn that upside down and start to concentrate on your strengths, it feels just the opposite. Just like a river’s flow pulls you downstream effortlessly, you begin to move with the natural current of your abilities, making the journey more fluid, enjoyable, and ultimately, more successful.

So what happens when you focus on your strengths?

  • You channel your efforts into areas where you naturally thrive, maximizing your potential for success.
  • It provides a solid foundation for self-assurance – and helps to overcome imposter syndrome!
  • You do work that resonates on a deeper level, making the journey towards your goals more enjoyable and fulfilling.
  • You engage in activities that resonate with your values, leading to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.
  • It acts as a counterbalance to the negative aspects of work that can lead to burnout, promoting your overall well-being and mental health.

Shifting the focus from weaknesses to strengths not only maximizes your potential but also enhances your well-being and satisfaction in all aspects of life. It’s time to let the current of your strengths guide you towards a more fulfilling and successful journey.

Colleen DelVecchio Headshot

Colleen DelVecchio is the founder and chief maximizer at Maxady LLC where she transforms individuals and businesses to prevent burnout, foster strengths-based leadership, and manage organizational change. As a certified Gallup CliftonStrengths Coach and engaging speaker, Colleen increases teams’ potential, elevating impact and job satisfaction.

Colleen is the co-host of the Embrace the Squiggle podcast, championing the authentic career stories of professional women. Colleen holds a BA in Psychology from Boston University and an MS in Nonprofit Management from Bay Path University.

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