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Give Me A Break by Linda Tumbarello

Give Me A Break:. Written by Linda Tumbarello

Self-Care is often thought of as something we “do” for ourselves separate from work, and the rest of our lives. We might do yoga, exercise, meditate, or get our nails done.  I think of self-care as “how” we do what we do in our lives, and “how we relate to ourselves.  Specifically, how we speak to ourselves, appreciate our efforts, or criticize ourselves for not doing enough. As entrepreneurs we face a to-do list that will never end. There is always more marketing, networking and more to do. One of the biggest issues I have faced over many years as a solopreneur is allowing my work to be finished for the day, for the week, or even for the moment-especially with the smartphones, email and social media. How do we know when we have done enough? Can we decide this is enough for now and set boundaries on our workday?

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Finding  your way not to be working, working, working day and night      

You probably have read about the importance of taking a break, or giving yourself permission to really stop for the day- But how do you get yourself to do that?

Imagine saying to yourself now: “Honey’ you need a break from sitting at the computer. Your shoulders ache.  You are really too tired to accomplish anything now. You have done enough for now.”

Talk to yourself like a friend

Sometimes I need to take this encouraging self-talk one step further by talking to myself like I would talk to a friend with “You are enough. Even though there are many others with best-selling books, more customers, more income, more followers etc.”  I can appreciate my efforts, and what I have done instead of all that I could or should do.  I can say to myself “Great you wrote this blog” or “Isn’t it wonderful that you have clients you love to work with.”

Hold your own hand

Even though a support system is key to successful women entrepreneurs, don’t forget that the primary support system that is there with you 24/7 is a caring and supportive self.  Hold your own hand – be the supportive friend, colleague that you are so good at being for others, It is worth it! You need your wise, compassionate self to walk with you on this wonderful and long journey to doing the work that you love and is meaningful. You can’t do it without her.



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