Tired of procrastinating on what you want?

Written by Beth Pellettieri

Recently, I was working with a new client. She had a vision for her business and wanted to offer a new type of service. Yet, every time she took a step forward to implementation, she started spinning.

  • What was the best way to offer the service?
  • What if people didn’t like it?
  • How would she price the new service?

And then, inevitably, her kid would get sick or her schedule would get full — and implementation would pause.

While the holidays bring an extra dose of franticness, small business life — and life, in general — is busy. It’s hard to prioritize the new when the day-to-day is filled with the old. And yet, you started your small business for flexibility, freedom, and the capacity to share what you love to do with ease.

In truth, I believe you deserve more.

When I work with clients, we build easeful, energetically aligned action steps — so trusting your vision or idea feels fun and a perfect fit.

Here’s what I offer to them, and what I want to share with you:

ONE: Be compassionate to the fact that this is hard. One of my favorite mantras – from the Center for Mindful Self Compassion – is, “Anyone in my shoes would feel the same.”

TWO: Take the smallest possible step you can do with ease. And, if you struggle with that, make the step even smaller. In fact, make it so small that when you do it, the action step feels obvious.

THREE: Find community. It can be a coach, a best friend, a co-worker or social media followers — but find a way to make accountability feel good. In a pinch, a journal or a text to yourself can offer the same thing. Focus on where you succeeded — not where you’re struggling.

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Beth Pellettieri photoBeth Pellettieri, Creative Business Coach and Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach. Beth works with heart-centered, creative business owners to implement new evolutions of business growth with fun, fulfillment, and financial peace. You can learn more or book your free 30-minute session, visit www.bethpellettieri.com.


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