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Sphere Northampton Looking to Unmask Local Superheros in Community and Expand Growing Network Opportunities

Written by Amanda Shafii
Co-Founder, The Sphere Northampton

Sphere Northampton to Launch Innovative Strengths and Skills Database of Women and Nonbinary Entrepreneurs in the Greater Northampton Area at Next Salon

Northampton, January 8, 2024 – The Sphere Northampton is proud to announce its groundbreaking Strengths and Skills Database, a meticulously curated tool to showcase the talents and expertise of local women and nonbinary entrepreneurs.

The Sphere envisions this database as a collaborative platform, fostering a network where skills can be shared through a potential barter system. This unique database will connect specialists with those seeking expertise, promoting knowledge exchange.

The database will encompass a range of categories, including business and personal passions, strengths, hobbies, and collaborative interests. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to showcase their unique “flavor,” fostering meaningful connections within the community.

The database will be a valuable resource for individuals seeking specific skills, creating a virtual marketplace for collaboration. Registration for the database can be found online.

The Sphere Network’s Strengths and Skills Database aims to connect, empower, and celebrate the vibrant community of women and nonbinary entrepreneurs in Northampton. By fostering interconnectivity, highlighting diverse resources, and measuring both economic and non-economic impacts, The Sphere Network is set to redefine the landscape of entrepreneurship in the region.

The official reveal of the Strengths and Skills Database is scheduled for January 30th at the Unmasking Strengths Salon. In celebration of uncovering dynamic talents and superpowers, the theme of the salon will be superhero-inspired and will explore training different strengths such as entrepreneurial communication, connection, and more.

Learn more about The Sphere Northampton at

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