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The Thought Behind the Gift

The Thought Behind the Gift: The Intimate Art of Gifting

Written by Jill Rodowicz


As the holiday season starts winding up, we probably begin thinking about shopping for those perfect gifts for our favorite humans.

Some of us revel in it, while some of us wish we could skip it altogether, but when it comes to showing care, nothing speaks louder than the thought behind a gift.

Picking out the perfect present isn’t just about the item itself; it’s a reflection of the relationship, a show of gratitude, and a token of appreciation.


Small Business, Big Heart

And what could be more thoughtful than choosing a gift from a small business? It’s a choice that says:

Hello. I am someone who:

  • Supports Dreams: Every small business is someone’s dream in action. Keep the momentum going by engaging with these real-life humans living and working through their passions.
  • Values Quality: Artisans and small business owners often put extra care into their products. Ask them how they got started! They will probably be delighted you’ve taken an interest and you might even walk away with a gift yourself – the gift of connection.
  • Believes in Community: Supporting local businesses helps strengthen the economic resiliency of a community. Love shopping in downtown Northampton? Me, too! When we choose to spend our money locally, that money literally comes back to us in the form of a unique experience.


Why It Matters

When we buy gifts from small businesses, we’re not just purchasing an item; we’re investing in real people, real stories, and real passions.

Here’s how that translates into a gift:

  1. Uniqueness: Small business products often stand out for their uniqueness. Unlike mass-produced items, they come with a special touch that’s hard to replicate.
  2. Personalization: Many small businesses offer personalized options, which can add a deep level of intimacy to your gift. Something the receiver of your gift will not likely forget.
  3. Impact: Your purchase has a direct impact on the livelihood of an entrepreneur and their employees, and you get to feel good about it. Wins all around.


Feelings In the Mix

Everyone wants to feel good about the gift we’re giving. Luckily, as a life coach, I know you get to decide how to feel. When you’re shopping for that extra special something try on a feeling or two to really get into the mood:

  • Excitement: What is better than the joy of giving? Anticipate the moment your gift is opened and what your giftee might feel when they reveal what’s behind the extra special packaging.
  • Pride: Feeling good about where your money is going. Soak it in! You’re making a real and palpable impact.
  • Curiosity: Learning about the maker and the making process. Make it fun on purpose! You’ll guarantee that you’ll walk away better than when you came.
  • Gratitude: Think about your special someone as you shop. Think about all of the reasons you feel appreciation for them. This experience gets to feel good for you, too!


Maximizing the Joy of Giving

To truly enjoy the process of gifting, consider these tips:

  • Learn the story: Lull in the conversation at the holiday party? Perfect! Share the story of the small business with your gift recipient.
  • Make it an experience: If possible, choose a day where you can shop and not rush through the day. Use this day as an opportunity to stop somewhere you’ve always wanted to try for a coffee, meal or treat.
  • Reflect: Don’t just go in blind. Choose an intention before you open your web browser to shop online or get in your car to go to your gift destination. Perhaps you want to reflect on the person you’re gifting to – what they like, what they’ve mentioned, what store exudes their personality. This will more easily allow for a gift that reflects the personality and preferences of the one receiving it. It will practically jump out at you.
  • Don’t really know them? No problem! This is your opportunity to make an impression they surely will not forget. Selecting a gift for someone unfamiliar is a great opportunity for you to think outside your comfort zone. And don’t forget the delight you’ll feel when this unexpected gift is opened!


Next time you’re on the hunt for the perfect present, remember that the best gifts carry with them a piece of their origin, a slice of someone’s dream, and a thread of your own thoughtfulness. Your gift might be wrapped in paper, but what that outer layer covers can be much more impactful than what meets the eye.

Happy Gifting!

Engage with Us: Share your stories in the comments or drop us a link to your favorite small business finds!

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